Blossoming on our orchards

As part of our Tangata Ora focus for this month Karla Bradley, pipfruit manager on our orchards, shares her reflections about the impact that spring growth in the orchard has on her wellbeing.

Karla was inspired by the theme for Mental Health Awareness Week this year -  'Mā te taiao e ora ai - let nature in, strengthen your wellbeing'.

"The new pear variety 'Piqa Boo' has unusual flowers. With their red leaves and black anthers, I noticed for the first time this year how striking they are compared to other pear blossoms. 

It’s amazing how even after 13 years in the horticulture industry, apple and pear blossoms still have an overwhelming effect on my wellbeing. 

The sweet and fresh scent of the blossoms and the activity of the bees are a reminder that the winter months are over, and a new summer is on the way. 

As we get ready to dive into another growing season, the orchard almost pauses while we wait and watch the spring growth. 

It's a good time for reflection, and time to gather our thoughts before the pace of orchard life ramps up again."