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At Kono, we have embarked on a journey of deep introspection to determine what being a good kaitiaki, or guardian means to us. To prosper, our environment must be well and healthy, full of life and vitality. This is not only because our moana (sea) and whenua (land) deserve to be healthy in their own right, but also because the wellness of our people is intrinsically linked to the wellbeing of our environment. Love for the land and respect for the sea must be ever present.

We use the word kaitiakitanga as kaitiakitanga is the value that directs our business and our relationship with our environment. It's our hope that customers will come to understand our guiding principles and know that products crafted by Kono have at their core a deep and inextricable connection to place.

If you also share our belief in kaitiaki or share our values of a love for the land and respect for the sea we would like to post you our new K Icon. Wearing it means wearing these values.


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