A recent acquisition for Kono, Yellow Brick Road is a multi-award winning food distribution company. It was established in 2006 to ensure the phenomenally hard work invested in responsible farming and fishing was rewarded with products maintaining their integrity through to the country’s leading restaurants. To ensure the global messaging around New Zealand being a world class producer of beverages rang true.

As a producer of premium seafood and wine, the values of Kaitiakitanga and Manaakitanga well aligned with Yellow Brick Road. Many of our products are a natural fit in Yellow Brick Road’s clients, that being New Zealand’s best restaurants and most discerning chefs. Kono recognises the importance of relationships with the end user and will continue to develop and nurture these both domestically and overseas. 



Taking those who catch, closer to those who cook 

Yellow Brick Road works predominantly with fishermen who catch using long-lines (one fish per hook) on day boats. Each boat has a skipper and one or two deckhands on board and are out on the water for just a few hours at a time.

We work with people who farm and harvest oysters, mussels and clams by hand. We do not work with trawl-caught fish, nor will we purchase fish without knowing who caught it, when and how. We endeavor and encourage others to work with as wide a variety of species as allowed, and will not work with species we believe to have a degree of questionability internationally.

New Zealand manages the fourth largest Exclusive Economic Zone in the world and we have the ninth largest coastline. To all intents and purposes we are an ocean territory superpower, yet we're responsible for a miniscule amount of the world's seafood production. What we do catch we endeavour to do according to science-based stock plans and we have a burgeoning and world class aquaculture industry aiming to address future demands for sustainable seafood.