Royal Gala

The Royal Gala is New Zealand's largest volume variety and one of the world's premium apple varieties.

Developed in New Zealand, the Royal Gala is known for its bright red stripes over a creamy yellow background. With its sweet crisp flavours and firm white flesh, it’s no wonder the Royal Gala is so well loved the world over.

Fuji Candy

Fuji apples are typically large with a dense flesh that is sweeter and crisper than other varieties, making them popular with consumers around the world. Fuji apples also have a long shelf life and are known for their crispy texture and sweetness. Their appealing colouring varies from bright red to soft pink stripes.

Delblush (Tentation)

The medium sized Delblush apple is golden yellow with an orange blush. Crisp, firm and juicy, this apple is intensely aromatic with a sweet and sub-acid flavour. The Delblush apple keeps very well and is marketed as Tentation.

Pink Lady (Rosy Glow)

With a pink blush over a green background, the Pink Lady / Rosy Glow is known for its sweet and tart flavours. A cross between the Golden Delicious and Lady Williams apple, it is medium sized with creamy dense flesh that resists browning when cut.


The Braeburn apple dates back to the early 1950s in Waiwhero New Zealand. With excellent storage properties, wonderful baking qualities and a delicious taste, the Braeburn is a popular classic. Kono Braeburns are large with juicy white flesh, and known for their magic combination of tart and sweet flavours.

Cox’s Orange

Often regarded as the finest of dessert apples, Cox’s Orange is a favourite for its complex and excellent aromatic flavour. Popular with enthusiasts of the ‘English’ style apple, this attractive semi-sweet treat has red tints on light yellow skin.


Bringing together the best features of the Braeburn and the Royal Gala apple, the Envy apple is a new class of world class. Grown in only a select few growing areas throughout the world, the Envy apple is grown on our Motueka orchards as they have the long sundrenched days and crisp climates that an Envy apple needs. 


A rosy red-pink blush is just one outstanding feature of Breeze. Harvested at optimum Breeze is a crisp and dense fleshed, yet sweet and aromatic apple. Breeze is the perfect combination of pipfruit traits.