Hops are grown as a flavouring and stability agent used in beer production.  We grow a mixture of new and traditional varieties to cater for micro and macro beer brewing.


Wakatu is the industry standard for hop varieties. This is a New Zealand bred version of a popular United States hop.


The Motueka hop represents a triploid substitute for the traditional Saaz. Its unique Saaz-like flavour, with a New Zealand twist, has made this hop very sought after by both craft and larger international brewers. Motueka has created a unique citrus flavour in several beer styles.


This Saaz type hop distinguishes itself with delicate citrus and passionfruit aromas. Similar to Motueka, but with a subtle difference. With a small but growing production, this very sought after variety has a dedicated following.

Nelson Sauvin

This is truly a hop with a difference. This variety imparts certain grape-like flavour to the beer and the name arose out of comments made during brewery trials, where the flavour was likened to that of Sauvignon Blanc, coincidentally also grown extensively in the region. Nelson Sauvin is an 11-12% alpha hop, with aroma qualities that are unique.


The Cascade hop has exceptional levels of cirtus, moving toward grapefruit characteristics.

Green Bullet

This hop variety has a unique raisin-type character, a slight floral note and has been likened to giving a Styrian style flavour to the beer. It consistently averages more than 12% alpha acid and its aroma qualities match its excellent bittering power.

Pacific Jade

The Pacific Jade is a high alpha hop, averaging 12-14%, with low Cohumulone and an excellent oil profile. This hop gives the beer a clean crisp taste, with a nice balanced palate.