Kono lives by a 500 year plan.

Te Pae Tawhiti - Our Intergenerational Vision

Te Pae Tawhiti guiding objectives are:

  • To ensure the retention, preservation and knowledge of culturally significant land.
  • To create, source and provide products and services of high value and quality that society wants, in a sustainable and ethical manner.
  • To create a world community of people who believe in and promote our products and services.
  • To be the best indigenous food and beverage business in the world.

Ngā Tikanga O Ngā Tupuna




Know the way, show the way

Definition: We each lead by example

Why: Wherever we are in the organisation, we are each responsible for its success. We strive for continuous improvement in every aspect of our work. We create value and quality by setting high standards for ourselves, using our initiative and good judgement, respecting and supporting the roles of others.


Together we are more

Definition: We are a family, connected by a powerful common purpose, enriched by each other, and bound by mutual respect.

Why: Understanding and valuing the part each person contributes is essential to our success. We know the sum of our efforts is greater than the parts. So we stand shoulder to shoulder, never losing sight of our obligations to each other, our owners, our customers and our business partners.

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The power of generosity

Definition: We are thoughtful and generous in our dealings with others.

Why: Thoughtfulness and hospitality are central to our identity and enhance our mana. Our people are precious. We care about their safety and wellbeing. We take pride in our products and in sharing them with others.


We are all part of a legacy

Definition: We have been entrusted with the wellbeing of our people, our lands and waters and we are honour-bound to protect them for the next generation.

Why: Our duty to our heritage is precious. Our land and natural resources are taonga and we protect and nurture them. We are innovative and creative in working towards ensuring that all our operations are sustainable – economically, socially, environmentally and culturally.