This pear is medium-sized or larger with yellowish-green skin covered with speckles and an occasional red blush. With sweet juicy flesh, the Comice is delicate and finely textured with sweet, tender and aromatic flavours.

Taylors Gold

Taylor Gold pears have a rich and sweet taste with very tender flesh. They are extremely juicy and firm making them an ideal baking pear as well as a healthy snack.

Beurre Bosc

Beurre Bosc pears are easily identified be their long, tapered necks, long stems, and skin that is naturally russeted to a cinnamon brown colour. They have a dense, fragrant, honey-sweet flesh with a smooth texture that holds its shape well when heated. It is an excellent choice for eating fresh as well as for cooking. 


The Concorde is a unique pear variety that combines the best features of the Conference and Comice pears from which it is derived. Known for its tall, long neck and firm, dense flesh, its skin is golden green – sometimes with spots of golden yellow russeting. Its vanilla-sweet flavour and firm texture holds up well in cooking and it’s a great snacking apple.


Originally bred in France, the Angélys is now grown both in Nelson and the Hawkes Bay. Sweet with a fine and juicy flesh, the Angélys is an attractive pear with a bronze skin and pink blush.